How To Raise Orphan Kittens? Cat Stories and Quotes 50 Wonderful YouTube Channels For Cats – Part 2

50 Wonderful YouTube Channels For Cats – Part 2

YouTube Channel For Cats

So, you have checked 50 Wonderful YouTube Channels For Cats – Part 1.

Are you excited to check more interesting YouTube channels dedicated to cats? Let’s read the blog without any further ado.

26. Lovable Cats

This channel is for very interesting videos. And especially the videos are based on cats and pets.

Subscribers: 3.6K

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27. Cat Clips Daily

Your one-stop shop for all your favorite, furry, funny felines! Find all the adorable whiskers, cat fails and kitten compilations you can handle!

Subscribers: 2.5K

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28. Mico Kitty

Hello Meow Friend! My name is Mico and I’m a Lynx-pointed Siamese boy. I’m a smart, very talkative, loud, energetic, friendly, and spoiled kitty, but most importantly – absolutely adorable! Meowing for attention, loud purring, eating until I puke, and having sudden zoomies are my best skills! You ought to watch this hilarious cat. You will die laughing.

Subscribers: 3.17K

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29. My 3 Feral Cats

We bought a house in Eugene, OR that came with 3 feral cats and some other strays like Raccoons & Possums. We will be frequently uploading videos of our stray cats & other critters as they appear on our porch cam. We’ll try to do this daily so sometimes you might see a simple clip of the weather such as soothing rain sounds hitting our patio roof for the days when our cats are shy.

Subscribers: 2.75K

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30. Cat Roxy Potyike

Come have fun with us in Roxy’s world! From shelter kitty to the queen of the house! Roxy is a real-life Kitty Cinderella! We want to give everyone at least one smile in each video. Feeling sad? Roxy helps!

Subscribers: 2.35K

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31. Boy The Cat

Hi, I’m Boy. My name is Tuxedo Cat from Sydney, Australia. I’m 10. I’m a therapy cat for my Meowmy who has Bipolar Disorder. Also a special needs kitty. I have a heart murmur and HCM-Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Subscribers: 2.22K

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YouTube Channel For Cats
YouTube Channel For Cats

32. Puko’s Porch (YouTube Channel For Cats)

What do cats do at night? Reality TV for Cats! Follow along for the adventure of Puko ‘007’ White and his pals on his Houseboat in Amsterdam. The secret life of cats in Amsterdam is revealed. Puko is clever and curious and always up to mischief.

Subscribers:  1.7K

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33. Cat with Kyla

I’ve rescued all my cats from the streets & under my playlist ‘MY 7 CATS’ there is information for each one of them & many videos. I will soon be doing storytelling about how I rescue them. And also interesting information about cats! My goal is to get monetized so that I can keep helping strays when I see them & get them the care & homes they deserve.

Subscribers: 1k

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34. Rexton Oriental Cat

My name is Rexton. I am the Black Oriental Cat. The Oriental Shorthair cat is a svelte breed with elegant features and a coat that comes in a rainbow of colors, with up to 300 color combinations possible. Part of the Siamese family of cat breeds (which also includes the Siamese, Balinese, and Oriental Longhair), these cats are intelligent, athletic, and vocal.

Subscribers: 1.96K

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35. My Kitti Cats

This is a cat YouTube channel. We live in UAE with a beautiful family who loves us like their own kids especially Mom who rescued us from the streets as we were abandoned.

Subscribers: 4.45K

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Hi, I’m Nala, 5 years old Siamese & Tabby mix. My owner adopted me from the shelter when I was 5months.

Subscribers: 28.5K

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37. Furball Fables

Cat entertainment with a higher purpose for those that worship cats! The Furball Fables Cats are Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha, and bad boy Yogi.

Subscribers: 10.7K

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YouTube Channel For Cats
YouTube Channel


Who says cats can’t learn… Didga, adopted from the shelter (and Boomer) is going to help me show that cats are smart and teachable as long as you use a specific positive ‘methodology’ (similar to the way marine animals are taught.) On CATMANTOO, you will not only see Didga and Boomer do amazing tricks and stunts but, you’ll learn how to teach your cat to follow.

Subscribers: 233K

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Cats are graceful, clumsy, silky soft with sharp edges, softly glowing eyes in the dark, purring, kneading balls of fur curled up closely against your body warmth, intelligent, annoying, funny, great conversationalists with comments about many things, and intriguing little creatures who display many emotions including affection, even love for their guardians.

Subscribers: 131K

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40. Bad Cats

I am a cat lover. I really enjoy the adorable and sometimes devilish antics of cats. (These beautiful creatures do make me feel happier every day). So I’ve created a playlist of cat videos to share their lovely and funny moments with all of you – who are also animal lovers and especially delight in cats like me.

Subscribers: 87.1K

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This is a DIY channel dedicated to cats. I make videos of the process of making an ideal cat room and cat house. Also, I will upload other useful information for cat owners. This channel is designed to be viewed by people all over the world, using pictures and sound effects, with no words and as little text as possible.

Subscribers: 55.6K

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42. DIY for CATs by Hohentwielbirmas

DIY for cats, I’ll show you how you can make cuddly beds, great toys, sleeping caves, ingenious climbing possibilities, and much more for your darling. In my playlist Goldtatze Look around, there is certainly something great for your velvet paws and you.

Subscribers: 37.7K

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43. Always Hungry Cat

Mr. Pepper 4 Tails, 2 Cats, and 2 Dogs.

Subscribers: 15.4K

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44. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Our mission is to provide shelters and rescues with blind cats who are not able to find a suitable adoptive home for these animals an alternative to euthanizing them.

Subscribers: 4.39K

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45. The Amazing Acro-Cats

Videos from The Amazing AcroCats and The RockCats.

Subscribers: 3.23K

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Hello, whiskers lovers and welcome to our channel. You will find here a lot of cute but funny videos with our cat heroes, Kain and Boa. We also make educational cat videos. Oh, and all our videos are edited and entertaining.

Subscribers: 3.13K

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47. The Baron: Fat Cat

The Baron and his brother Duke were rescued from a shelter. These videos are playful snapshots of the life of being a fat cat star.

Subscribers: 1.57K

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48. Kittipandas

Kittipanda cat family makes you Happy and tells you the wisdom of cat life. Kittipanda Channel also broadcasts various programs. Kittipandas & others tell about the adventures and building up of Anni and Kokos together with their siblings Cocabeau, Filix, and Bebe. Kittipandas have the kind of wisdom from which we humans can learn a lot.

Subscribers: 900

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49. Pecan the cat

My cat, pecan the nut, has taken over my channel. he loves treats and will do anything to get one. When pecan is not posing for a photo or video, he generally lays around the house naked and sometimes he even chases things. and then of course he loves ringing the bell for treats.

Subscribers: 882

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50. The Six Cats Parade

Hi! This is the official YouTube channel of The Six Cats Parade.

Subscribers: 717

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YouTube Channel For Cats
YouTube Channel

51. Maggie and Brophy (YouTube Channel For Cats)

This channel is about the 2 cats I adopted Maggie and Brophy and the adventures they will encounter growing up.

Subscribers: 641

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52. BotiCats

Here you will find great content about my boats! Starring Osi, PyonPyon, Bubbles, and Tifa. Boti is an acronym for Born on the Island. Which island do you say? They were born on the good ole island of Galveston, Texas.

Subscribers: 1.24K

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53. Cats Vioo

On this YouTube channel, you will get all information about cats and budgies.

Subscribers: 111

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54. Pawsthekitty (YouTube Channel For Cats)

Follow Paws’ journey from kitten to adulthood and learn how to live with a kitten in a small apartment in a big city!

Subscribers: 343

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55. Dream Diamant (YouTube Channel For Cats)

Hi, we are Dreamcast and Diamond, two lovely Siberian cats living in Switzerland.

Subscribers: 411

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56. Ozzie and Zeke

Maine Coon Cats and their Adventures

Subscribers: 471

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Thank you so much to read it till the end. We have done hours of research and watched countless videos to make this list of amazing cat YouTube channel list. If you have more in the recommendations, please drop the channel link in the comment sections. Until then, have a paw someday. Meow!!!

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